While travelling on your own you should always be able to count on yourself. The better I prepare for travel beforehand the easier it is to adapt in specific location. You know how it goes – practice makes perfect. Any journey goes smoother after getting more experience and that's why I gathered few tips for travel in this article.



Few tips for safe travel

  • It is always a good idea to inform your family and friends about your planned journey and stay in contact with them while away.
  • In case of more adventurous trip you can register yourself to the system of your Ministry of Foreign affairs, if available.

  • It is especially important to stay safe and obey all general safety rules which apply not only at home but also, abroad. For example, you shouldn't be strolling around dark alleyways at night, be under influence of alcohol, pay with notes of high value or share the name of your hotel with strangers.

  • Your cash ought to be split and kept in different places in your luggage / in belt with a built-in inner pocket.

  • In some destinations where there is a danger of tropical diseases (malaria etc.) it is a must to have your own insect repellent for disinfecting the room as well as body repellent. Body repellent keep with you at all times.

  • Be in connection - when selecting mobile network abroad don't let your phone choose network automatically and rather do this manually to get the right network which is partnered with your roaming. Your phone usually chooses the network with the strongest signal; however, it doesn't necessarily have to be the right one for you. In some destinations, there is no roaming network available because the local operator does not have an agreement with one you have at home. In this case it is recommended to purchase and activate local SIM card.

  • Eating out on the streets and food markets might seem like a great culinary experience however due to poor hygiene standards and unsatisfactory quality of food it can quickly turn into a horrible nightmare, which can last more than a couple of days. From some destinations, you can bring home an unpleasant souvenir in a form of a parasite which can lead into often and sometimes even long-term visits to hospital. Typical example is India – even a quick journey there can be followed by years of health problems. Better to think first. Fruit should be washed and peeled before eating too.

  • The same caution applies to choosing what you drink. Drinking water should only be consumed from purchased bottles with sealed caps and without added ice.




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