koh rong island

When I planned my journey to Cambodia in the coziness of my own home, I discovered a mention about an island Koh Rong. It was described as a lonely island full of white sand beaches that would make anyone feel like Robinson Crusoe. Month later I stood in Sihanoukville on a beach Serendipity and wondered what to do. Local travel agency informed me that there are simple bamboo resorts on the island, so I didn’t waste a minute and headed right over there. After three hours on a boat I finally arrived and from the first moment knew that I'm in paradise.



Koh Rong and its white sand beaches

There was one village on the island and a few white sand beaches with palm trees. Villagers built two simple resorts on each side of the main beach where I got my tiny bamboo cabin. There were no windows, however the cabin was full of gaps in the walls and the floor so window wasn't really needed in the end. There was a mosquito net above simple wooden bed and a little corner remade as a bathroom, with simple essentials such as a barrel full of water and a scoop. Big bonus was a European style toilet. In front of the cabin on a small terrace sat a tiny chair which allowed me to sit cozily and watch night skies filled with millions of stars.

koh rong island

The main beach was 7 kilometers long and ended with another resort. The sand was so white that I could walk on it barefoot even in the biggest heat. It made a beautiful whistling sound when I stepped on it. While I was walking I thought it impossible that there are still places like this that were not yet discovered by greedy investors. Or maybe this one already is, but I got there in time. I walked across the whole beach to the other resort and ended up in a small bar. I had one beer, then another and after the third one I realized that I was too lazy to go back. Local man who kept me company offered that he could give me a ride back on his bike, if I come for dinner in his restaurant. So, I decided to have another beer. After that I hopped on the bike and we rode back on the white sand beach in the sunset.

koh rong island

I decided to dedicate my time in Koh Rong to exploring this beautiful island and its surrounding. One of the locals agreed to my proposal and took me on his boat around neighboring beaches. There was one beach that was truly exceptional, with its fine white sand and as an addition it was surrounded by palm trees. I spent the whole day there, completely alone, one hour I just laid in the sun and then went for a swim, walked for another while and repeated. At one point I saw a large cockatoo strutting around on a palm tree with its huge beak. Three local men came on the beach in the afternoon. One of them climbed on top of a palm tree and started to throw coconuts down. The other two picked them from the ground and placed them in a basket which they later took with them and swam with it back to their boat. When we were returning back on the boat in the evening, my local man opened a coconut that we found on the beach for me with his huge knife, so I spent rest of the way drinking it.

I can't tell if I'll ever be this lucky again to find a piece of paradise like Koh Rong, but I'm very grateful that I found it in Cambodia. I can imagine that the way I felt there must be the way people felt when they discovered beauties of Thailand almost thirty years ago.


P.S. According to new information, Koh Rong is already discovered.


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