Sri Lanka

I had never on my travels talked Czech as much as I did during my trip to Sri Lanka. I could communicate even with tuk-tuk drivers, tour guides and all sorts of vendors. Why is Sri Lanka so popular? I have found an answer to that question. Sri Lanka is popular, because it is beautiful, safe, easy to travel and cheap.



Sri Lanka is beautiful

Sri Lanka offers everything there is to see in other countries of South, or South-East Asia. The prime blessings of Sri Lanka are its endless beaches. It appears sometimes, that it's a one long beach, that fringes the whole island. Exceptional are also the National Parks that offer safari trips similar to the ones in Africa. Thanks to these safari trips, tourists can easily see elephants, crocodiles, peacocks and leopards, roaming around in the wild. If you haven't seen a tea plantation, you have a unique opportunity to see it in Sri Lanka. In the Highlands, spreading in the middle of the island, a picturesque scenery, made of tea crofts and rice terraces, unfolds right in front of your eyes. Thanks to Buddhism tourists can often run into Buddhist Monks in orange ropes, walking on the streets and thanks to Hinduism they can visit colorful Hindu Temples. There also are a lot of historic monuments in Sri Lanka. Exceptional are the large stupas found in Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa. The massive column of rock in Sigirya is a magical site and the Dambulla Cave Temple is splendid. On the end, everybody gets together in the cultural center of the island, the Sacred City of Kandy.

Sri Lanka



Sri Lanka is safe

Two years before visiting Sri Lanka, I had some really bad experience while visiting India. After that I worried that Sri Lanka could bring similar difficulties for a traveler. However, in no time I found out that Sri Lanka is very different. The chaos, noise, filth and crowds of people, typical for India, were missing in Sri Lanka. The streets were comparatively clean, people were very pleasant and I did not ran across any desperate poverty. Even the tuk-tuk drivers and vendors were modest and not very bothersome. Wherever I turned there were a lot of tourists and that usually provides a sense of ease, that you are not alone and you are not lost.



Travelling in Sri Lanka is simple

Sri Lanka is sort of a small island and all you want to see is practically in one spot. In between places there aren't large distances, which can be easily bridged by buses, or trains. Especially the buses run frequently and are very cheap. A lot of tourists rent a car with a driver, which makes the journey even easier.

Sri Lanka



Sri Lanka is cheap

Yes, Sri Lanka is a very affordable destination. The airfare from my country to Sri Lanka starts at about $600. A good quality home-stay costs about $25 a night and the landlords are very hospitable. Most guesthouses also offer home cooked meals. You can eat a good meal in restaurants, starting from $3. The price for a bus ticket is unbelievably cheap, $1 for every 100 km. On the other hand, a regular tourist has to pay a high price of $20 to $30 for the entrance to historical sites and monuments.

For those, who haven't visited Asia, Sri Lanka is an ideal destination for exploring Asia and succumbing the magic of far-away places.

You can read more about my journey to Sri Lanka in the travelogue..



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