My friends ask me often, what are the advantages and disadvantages of travelling on my own compare to booking a trip with a travel agency. They are often wandering if travelling on my own is cheaper then going through a travel agent. What do I think about it?



Is travelling on your own cheaper then booking with a travel agency?

I am tempted to answer quickly that, of course travelling without a travel agency is cheaper, but it is not always the true. Everybody has different expectations of travelling. Some people like to relax on one spot, others are energized by active vacation and like to explore different places. Some people are satisfied with basic comfort others require luxury.

In general, travelling on your own is a bit cheaper if you are going on a discovery tour. If you are planning a "relaxing" destination vacation, it is wise to book your trip through a travel agent. Travel agencies can provide a better price for destination vacations. They have special contracts with hotel-type accommodations, because they book a large quantities of rooms and they also have special contracts with charter airlines. Among destinations that are cheaper to book through a travel agency are for example Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt and Turkey (if you travel from Europe).



Independent travelling is easier these days

These days, travelling on your own is much easier and accessible. Let's think about how travelling changed in the last ten years. Low-budget airlines started to operate in Europe. Long distance flights to exotic destinations are 30% - 50% cheaper today, then ten years ago, while the average income is in fact higher. There are specialized web pages that watch for discounts that individual airlines offer. Airfare, accommodation and car rental, can be easily found on global reservation web pages and all booked online in just a few minutes. You can find online all the important information for planning your trip and during your trip you can rely on apps on your smartphone. Adding all of this, there is no surprise, that this type of travel is the first choice of young and middle-age generation of people, who can speak English and are very comfortable searching the internet.

Le Morne



What are the advantages and disadvantages of independent travel?

A certain disadvantage of independent travel is that the preparation of the trip is time consuming. A saying...“fortune favors the prepared“... is not in vain in case of travelling on your own. It is essential to gain as much information about the destination as possible from sources such as guidebooks and internet travelogues. Then you have to come up with an itinerary, buy airfare, arrange visa, buy travel insurance, get necessary vaccinations and exchange currency. After all that you need to book online accommodation, local train and airline connections, possibly car rental. Such planning takes at least three to four weeks and more difficult destinations may need even more planning time. If I compare the two travelling styles, going with a travel agency, you can expect much better comfort. However, the reward forgoing on your own is the true travel adrenalin, adventure and freedom. These are the reasons why independent travel keeps winning over a lot of us.



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