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Those who search for exotic destinations full of rainforest, high waterfalls, volcanic activity and unique Caribbean culture, should make their way to Dominica. It is not a coincidence, that the film makers chose this island to film The Pirates of the Caribbean.



A Green Pearl of the Caribbean

Dominica (not to be mistaken for The Dominican Republic) is a small island in the middle of the Lesser Antilles, right in between two French overseas departments, Martinique on the south and Guadeloupe on the north. Dominica is truly a Green Pearl of the Caribbean, it has the highest mountains of the Lesser Antilles, which are covered with the oldest rainforest in the whole region. The highest mountain is Morne Diablotin, with elevation of 1447 m. In the middle of the lush nature there are high waterfalls, Middleham and Trafalgar Falls and deep lakes, Fresh and Boeri Lake. Dominica Island is unique and famous also for its volcanic activity. There are numerous thermal geysers shooting out of the ground and in a part known as Sulphur Springs, there are fumaroles rolling out of the ground. In the middle of the rainforest you can find a unique lake full of boiling water, the Boiling Lake. Even though there are not very many beaches on the island, there are some opportunities for swimming and even better for diving. Famous diving destination is a Spanish Reef, where you can see bubbles coming out of the ground in between the corals.

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How to travel to Dominica

The best time to visit Dominica are the months between February and June. The best way to reach Dominica is by a ferry from nearby islands. It is convenient to plan your trip such, that on your way to Dominica you can visit one of the „beach“ islands, such as Martinique or Guadeloupe. You can book your accommodation online, either somewhere around Rousseau, or right in the mountain village Laudat, from where the trails to the rainforest start. To be able to enter the forest, you have to buy a permit and carry it with you at all times. You can easily get food in the local restaurants, fast food restaurants, from street food vendors or right in the place of your accommodation.

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Magical Boiling Lake

The Boiling Lake is a true attraction. It is the second largest lake of its kind in the world, the largest one is Frying Pan Lake in New Zealand. Boiling Lake is located in Morne Trois National Park. It is 61 x 76 meters large and approximately 59 meters deep. The water temperature near the edges reaches 90° C and in the middle of the lake the water is constantly boiling and bubbling.

The trail to Boiling Lake starts at Laudat and goes through thick rainforest full of large trees. The trail is 14 km long and it takes the whole day to get there and return. Because the trail is not marked and very often it runs through steep valleys and damp hillsides, it is required to have a local tour guide. You can book you tour guide in advance through the owner of your accommodation, or you can get a guide when you arrive in Laudat. After a few hour hike, the trek comes to a place called Valley of Desolation. In 1880, the rainforest in this spot was destroyed by a volcanic eruption. Walking through the valley you see columns of fumes, boiling lagoons and the ground is hot to touch. In 5 more hours of hiking, you are rewarded by an unforgettable view of a large lake, which bubbles and boils and hot fumes from it are raising to the sky. When you return to the village, you can swim in a small pond, hidden in between cliffs of Titou Gorge. Two springs, hot and cold water mixing together, slowly drip into the little pond.


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