And so I was out and about again... And just as for my other travels I decided to pack light for my journey to India and put all my belongings in a small backpack. I managed to pack just under 7 kilos. And even this time it was more than worth it. Why? Let me give you few reasons.




When I was looking for flight tickets I turned to again for the cheapest and best tickets. is able to find and combine flights from different airlines even if they don't cooperate with each other. I saved 300 USD. There was a catch though, whenever I arrived to Dubai I was supposed to pick up my luggage and check it in again. But I didn't have any luggage, just my little carry on.

One less worry. And another one after arrival as I didn't have to wait for my luggage.

And the fact that there is a zero chance of getting my luggage misplaced shouldn't even have to be mentioned.




I landed in the morning and I was supposed to wait for a night train to take me further away. I used the time to explore and do a bit of sightseeing. But can you imagine I would have to do that with a large luggage or have a backpack bigger than the one I had in the horrible heat for the whole day? I used the same tactics in China, Thailand, Laos or Sri Lanka.

Laos china

Fully loaded: Gibbon Experience in Laos, river Li in China




Transport I used the most in India were trains, buses and tuk tuks. It's possible to put large luggage on the floor under your couchette on the night train, however, I put mine on the bed beside me and I could sleep with my mind at ease. It was the same on the bus where you're supposed to put your bags in the luggage compartment. But is it going to be there in the morning? My backpack was small enough so I could put it under my seat. I managed to get on an overcrowded bus with it or take a seat beside someone else on a tuk tuk. I was able to go straight for lunch from the train station and even take a bike ride with my small backpack.




Apart from the fact that I wasn't a slave to my luggage and the journey is more enjoyable it also has other perks. For example, I can pack my backpack in three minutes and I can pull stuff out even in unpleasant situations very quickly because I keep it all together. I don't need another small backpack for trips because I can use the same one. And the disadvantages? Of course, I need to wash my clothes quite regularly. But it is not such a problem and at least I come home with clean clothes.

Yes, my journeys are often quite "quick travel", however if I had to go for a journey that would last couple of months I wouldn’t pack differently.

And how do I pack my backpack exactly? Have a look at my checklist which I mention in article 'What to bring on a trip' - I highly recommend it.



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