Travelling today is much easier than it used to be. Before there were first smartphones I had to find an internet café when I wanted to access internet. Write an email, make a reservation, find transport or call someone on skype? Only in an internet café. On the other hand, it had its own kind of magic, more than once I was sitting beside a Buddhist monk looking at the old screen in front of him in his orange gown.

However, Wi-Fi is easily accessible even in the furthest corners of the world these days, mainly thanks to smartphones. And if the connection is too slow or unavailable, the owner of the establishment will have a lot of complaints and negative feedbacks all around the global reservations sites and social networks. It is truth that we became a society that is constantly looking in their little magic boxes but to be completely honest, apps are a big help on a journey and can save you in the worst situations. Together with my passport, my phone is something I can never lose while travelling.



Which apps do I use?

There is a wide range of travel apps. Some of them are specific to a certain service, others are specific to a certain location. I would like to recommend twenty apps that I regularly use, no matter which destination I chose.


Maps -, SportsTracker

First of all, maps. It is priceless to know where exactly I am, where is my bus going through and have an idea where should I get off the bus. It is ideal for finding the address of accommodation and inform local tuk tuk driver that I know which way to take and which way is the most convenient. And it also prevents me from getting lost in a large city.

mapsme sportstracker

I use the app and I wouldn't change it for the world. While I have WiFi connection, I download all the needed maps for free and I'm sorted. Maps are available offline even without internet connection, they are detailed and show you different types of navigation such as cycle routes, walk routes and driver routes.

Whenever I'm outside of the city I like to use SportsTracker. I don't need internet connection, it is enough that this app tracks my whole route and movements and thanks to that I can easily find my way back to the point where I started.


Accommodation – Booking, Agoda, Trivago, Airbnb

Accommodation is easily reserved in few minutes on global reservation sites and that's exactly what I do most of the time.

Probably the best offers, maps, filter and reference from travelers are on, but I also use and that lets you compare other sites. From time to time I use

booking trivago agoda airbnb


Airfaire -

I have an app in my phone that helps me find flight tickets – Kiwi is a site that works globally and their algorithms can find flight connections even through airlines that don't cooperate with each other. It is easy to get flight tickets that are much cheaper than you can find on ordinary airline sites.



Itinerary - CheckMyTrip

I use CheckMyTrip mainly for flight itinerary. This app gives you timely updates regarding your air travel, such as delays, cancellations and terminal changes.



Tickets - Wallet

I got used to IOS app Wallet pretty easily. If I have my accommodation booked I just save the booking into this app. I can see clearly in this app where my next accommodation will be and how much I'll need to pay, even without internet connection. Whenever I'm buying flight tickets I can check in straight away and have my reservation with QR code ready in the app and just tap my phone before going through the airport gate.



Travel guides – iBooks

I can't be bothered these days to carry large books such as Lonely Planet on my travels. Instead I just buy the electronic version and save it in iBooks app. For those who like to travel in a slow pace and like to read on their travels, you can download and save your favorite book there too.



Travel reviews - Tripadvisor

Whenever I want to check for things to do on my travels, I have a look at Tripadvisor. Tripadvisor is a huge source of travel information and references of all kind, I usually use it when choosing place to stay. In this case I don't only look at the reviews but also at the photos which are most of the times different than as they're shown on the official sites of hotels.



In the city – Yelp, Moovit, GoogleTrips

This app is ideal for cities and towns. Yelp can help you to make a decision about where to go to a restaurant or bar thanks to its reviews (similar app is Foursquare).

Moovit is the best global app for local transport, I even use it when I'm home. And for those who like Uber, there is a possibility to order this service through the app.

GoogleTrips can be used as a guide and can help you plan your trip. It recommends local sights, attraction and informs you about local transport or walking route and also restaurants and bars.

yelp Moovit GoogleTrips


Planning your journey – Rome2rio

Rome2rio is an app for planning trips. I use it to get a quick idea about the possibilities of getting from point A to point B. It shows you different choices for transport including time of route, price and timetables.



Currency - Xe

Whenever I need to check the right way to exchange specific currency in exchange bureaus, I use the app This app downloads list of foreign exchanges when there is internet connection and then uses this list while offline to compare the prices.



Weather – YR, Windy

It is always good to know what's the weather like in your destination as it helps to make or change plans. Very good app is Norwegian app YR which shows you forecast for next 10 days as well as a very detailed forecast for next 48 hours. Probably the best and most detailed app is Czech app, often used by world media agencies as for example Reuters. 

YR Windy


Translation – Google Translate

English rules the world, but what if it's not enough sometimes... Even though my language is a bit unpredictable and hard to translate even for Google, I use their app Translate on rare occasions as it translates spoken, written and even photocopied text.

Google translate


Music - Spotify

Even though it's not really an app designed for travel, I can't imagine my journeys without it. It is priceless on long journeys because you can just sit and play your favorite music, especially if you're travelling alone. I got this prepaid app Spotify which lets you download large amount of music in your phone while connected to WiFi and then allows you to listen to it in offline mode on airplane, bus, train or on a beach.



Communication – WifiMapper, Skype

What if I want to go to a bar on a beach somewhere and have WIFI available? Or send my emails during a lunch in the city? To help me decide where to go I use this app that shows me where I should go to get WiFi.

As I mentioned at the start of this article, Skype is one of the apps that make life easier. If I want to call home for free or get in touch with my friends and even see them on my phone? It's not a problem these days.

wifimapper Skype



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