Amalfi coast

If Italy belongs to one of your favorite destinations, then visiting Amalfi coast will only strengthen this feeling. Amalfi is one of the most romantic coasts in Italy for a good reason. Its beautiful dramatic scenery is formed by high mountains with its slopes fading into lovely blue waters of Tyrrhenian sea. And on these hillsides are pictorial little towns, which cling to the mountains like wild goats to mountain sides.

If you travel from Naples to Amalfi coast, you will be amazed by dominant Vesuvius on one side, endless sea on the other side and alpine peninsula Sorrento in front of you. The minute you pass the summit of the peninsula, narrow and twisty roads uncover beautiful scenery beneath.

Amalfi coast is a perfect place for a wonderful holiday. The area offers magical towns Positano, Amalfi and Ravello, beautiful beaches and stunning nature that tempts visitors on hiking trips. It's possible to organize trips form Positano to islands Capri or Ischia, or even sail to Salerno or Neapoli. For fans of ancient history, it can be a great opportunity to visit Pompeii.



When and how to travel to Amalfi coast

Even if you travel to Amalfi coast in October, you can still feel the real summer holiday atmosphere as if the summer never ends here. If you want to avoid tourist peak season, higher prices and summer heat, then the best time to visit Amalfi coast is between May till June and from September till end of October. From November till Easter time a lot of hotels close down and even Alicost ferries sailing on Capri, Ischia and Salerno are only available from March till end of October.

Positano Amalfi

Positano, Amalfi

Travelling to Amalfi coast is nothing hard. If you travel from the airport in Neapoli, you just have to buy a bus ticket of a bus company Curreri in the airport hall, which will take you to Sorrento in an hour and fifteen minutes. Ticket costs 10 Euro and can be also purchased online at Curreri. When you get to Sorrento, you just have to change on a local bus connection SITA, which will get you to your final destination for 2 Euro. Other option is to order a private transfer, which will pick you up on the airport and transport you and all your luggage to your accommodation. Price of this is around 120 Euro. If you travel from the center of Neapoli, then the easiest connection is via train Circumvesuviana, which departs from, for example Piazza Garibaldi, and ends in Sorrento, where you can continue with SITA bus. There is also an option to hire a car, but parking in small towns like Positano or Amalfi can be a bit of a challenge.

Amalfi coast can be explored on foot, by bus or boat. In this case, apps Rome2Rio, Moovit and can come in handy.

You can find accommodation in one of the resorts in Positano [for example Pensione Casa Guadagno, via], or Amalfi, or you can find cheaper stay in nearby villages such as Praiano or Atrani.




Positano is probably the most beautiful town on the whole coast. Its pastel colored houses on the hillsides look like they're glued to each other. They form some kind of a monolith which clings to the hillside as hard as it can. One-way streets twisting around the town offer great scenery and ubiquitous restaurants, pizzerias and shops fulfill wishes of every tourist.

Positano Positano


Positano has two beaches – central Spiaggia Grande with a shore promenade and restaurants, located in a shadow of the town center with Santa Maria Assunta church; and Spaggia del Fornillo, which is a bit further away from the center but offers more peace and quiet.

Positano has an amazing atmosphere and yes, holidays here can last half a year.




Amalfi used to be as powerful as maritime republics Pisa and Genoa. However, in 1343 it was hit by an earthquake and most of the town slid down in the sea. Amalfi used to be a home to 70 thousand people, but after the earthquake population dropped down to 5 thousand.

Amalfi Amalfi di sant´Andrea cathedral

Amalfi, cathedral di sant´Andrea 

The town is located between two mountains, has a narrow main street filled with restaurants, coffee shops and shops, and the main square Piazza del Duomo is dominated by a beautiful striped Cathedral di Sant'Andrea. On its steps, reminding Spanish stairs in Rome, is a place to rest for dreamy tourists. Amalfi has a town beach, but a more peaceful beach is located in a nearby village Atrani.

Amalfi has a great ferry connection with Positano [20 min, 8 Euro] and is the starting point for a trip to town Ravello.




Ravello is a small town with a hint of history and because it used to be celebrities' favorite spot, you can feel a touch of luxury on every step you take.

It spreads on a plateau above Amalfi and can be reached from Amalfi by SITA bus [for example 14:30, 1.3 Euro, 7 km, 20 min; way back at 16:05].

Ravello Rufollo Ravello Rufollo

Ravello - villa Rufollo gardens

The main attraction in Ravello is a cathedral from 11th century on Piazza Duomo square and also Rufollo villa from 13th century, which is surrounded by beautiful gardens. From its terraces you can photograph the best views, which can be seen on every postcard [entrance 7 Euro].



Path of the Gods

Amalfi coast is a popular place for hiking. It is full of foot paths and whoever is physically fit, shouldn't miss the opportunity to join one of the tours.

The most famous one is the Path of the Gods – Sentiero degli Dei. It starts and ends above Positano in Nocelle village, where you can get from Positano via local orange bus [8:00, 30 min, 1.3 Euro]. The path is seven kilometers long and takes around 4 hours to finish. If you don't want to return to Nocelle, you can continue to town Agerola Bomerano, where you can get bus back to Amalfi [12:15, 40 min, 2 Euro. More info at

Path of the Gods Path of the Gods

Path of the Gods

If you set out in early morning, you will avoid the heat and crowds of tourists. The reward will be an unforgettable view of the sea, beautiful mountains and stunning nature.




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