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When to go to Belize

The most convenient time to visit Belize is December - May. You can expect most of the rainfall in the months of June - November and the hurricane season starts at the end of summer.



Where to go and what to see in Belize

Belize Caracol

Each year Belize has 750,000 visitors getting there on the sea and another 250,000 spent at least 1 night in Belize. The biggest attractions are the Caribbean islands, nature reserves and the Mayan sites. It is generally true that the northern and central part of the country is visited more whereas the southern part is more quiet.

Belize has the second biggest barrier reef in the world and abounds with many locations for diving. World-famous place is the Blue Hole which was created by collapsing of the ceiling of a cave 300 metres in diameter and 124 metres deep. Among the islands which are popular are Ambergris Caye and a touristy Caye Caulker both of which are reachable from Belize City by water taxi and by plane. The southern part of the shore is more quiet and tourists also visit the islands around Glover´s reef, Tobacco Caye, South Water Caye, Thatch Caye. There are seaside resorts on the shore in Placencia, Hopkins and Punta Gorda.

Nature reserves are plentiful in Belize. Among the most visited ones are Crooked Tree, Community Baboon Sanctuary, Blue Creek, Bermudian Landing.

Some of the most famous Mayan sites are the secluded Mayan city of Caracol, the mysterious cave Actun Tunichil Muknal and Xunantunich all of which are reachable from San Ignacio near the borders with Guatemala, see It is also possible to get to Guatemalan Tikal from this place. You can find the Mayan ruins Lamanai by the Orange Walk as well as some other sites as Altun Ha.



Travelling in Belize on your own

Belize Tobacco Caye

The journey to Guatemala and Belize was my first journey to Central America therefore my main concern before this trip was the safety situation. Unfortunately there are not that many travelogues on the internet but you can in the end come to the conclusion that Belize is, apart from Belize City, a safe country and there is nothing to worry about.

Although it might not seem likely, it is actually farther from the Europe to Belize than for example to Beijing. This also corresponds to an 8-hour time difference. When I went to bed in Belize, people at home were getting up to go to work. When flying to Belize from Europe you most often have a layover in Europe and then in busy Miami, alternatively at a less busy airport in Texan Houston. The change of a plane in the USA means you probably either need to have ESTA or a valid visa.

I packed everything into a small cycle backpack following a pattern of my latest travels –  see 'What to bring on your journey', which was in the end less than 6 kilograms. I had my toiletries in a packaging smaller than 100ml so I was able to take my backpack as a carry-on luggage. There is no need for long trousers or closed shoes when travelling to Belize.

Most of the tourists I met on my travels were Americans or Canadians. Belize is a relatively affordable destination for them plus everyone speaks English there. Another advantage is also the fact that it is possible to pay with US dollars in Belize. US dollars are accepted by everyone and you will aslo get your change back in US dollars. Should you need the local Belize dollar, you can withdraw the money in any ATM.

Since I got to Belize from Guatemala, I booked my accommodation online only for my last two days on the Tobacco Caye island. Main reason being that there are not that many places providing accommodation. I looked for a place to stay overnight for other days on the spot or over the phone. The transportation is fairly easy in Belize - you can get a local bus lines. For those who want to fly to the islands there are local airlines or from Belize City airport. You can get to a Tourist Village / port of Belize City by taxi from the airport and get a water taxi to Caye Caulker / Ambergris Caye. Belize is a bit more expensive, I paid on average 35 USD for accommodation, the cheapest cigarettes cost 6 BZD, beer is 5 BZD, lunch 25 BZD.

American types of plugs are used in Belize. Check if your mobile operator has roaming in Belize. If not you you can buy a local SIM card for 50 BZD and have it activated in a local telecommunication company.




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